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Mouthpiece Models

CS Signature Mouthpieces are stocked in the two most popular diameters, CS66 (comparable to a Bach 3) and CS65 (comparable to a Bach 7). Other diameters (e.g. 67, similar to a Bach 1.5) are available by special order.

There are three cup sizes available in each diameter, medium (M) medium-shallow (MS) and shallow (S). There are also matching models for flugelhorn, cornet and piccolo trumpet, and the unique FD model, which turns your trumpet into ‘flumpet’.

CS66MS or CS65MS (medium-shallow cup)

The CS66MS is the most popular CS model, and is one of the best-selling GR mouthpieces. The medium-shallow cup facilitates the high register, yet provides plenty of room for most players and produces a big, full sound. Most players who are used to a Bach 3C or 7C feel comfortable right away on the MS cup, but discover that the sound has increased intensity and the high register feels more centered and solid. The sound is a bit brighter than a Bach 3C or 7C, but is full-bodied and focused, with great projection. Designed primarily for the commercial studio or jazz player, it is also an excellent choice for an orchestral player that wants a bit more ‘zing’ in the sound and easier high range, e.g. on a pops program or in a brass quintet. The CS66MS / CS65MS has a wide range of tonal possibilities: bear down and it responds with a bark; back off a little and the sound becomes soft and gentle. This is a truly versatile mouthpiece, as hundreds of players will attest.

CS66M or CS65M (medium cup)

The medium cup has a greater volume and softer inner rim angle (bite) to provide a darker, warmer sound. The high register is still responsive, but has less burn and sizzle than the MS cup. The cup volume and tonal balance are comparable to a Bach C cup, but the sound is more focused and responsive. This mouthpiece will appeal to a wide cross-section of players, and can truly be considered an improvement on the venerable 3C / 7C designs.

CS66S or CS65S (shallow cup)

The S cup has a small volume, and produces an intense sound with lots of burn and a sizzling high register. Unlike many ‘lead’ mouthpieces, however, the CS66S or CS65S maintains a robust, full-bodied sound throughout the entire range of the horn, even in the low register.

Not everyone can play a cup this shallow-some ‘bottom out’ depending on the degree of lip protrusion. If you have had success with something like a Schilke or Yamaha 14a4A or 13a4A, you may find that the CS66S or CS65S is the mouthpiece you have been searching for.

CS66FL or CS65FL (flugelhorn)

The CS flugelhorn mouthpieces utilize the same rim as the CS trumpet mouthpieces, making it easy to switch back and forth between horns. They produce a deep, rich flugelhorn sound with the accurate pitch and slotting that are hallmarks of GR designs.

CS66FD or CS65FD (‘flumpet’) The CSFD mouthpiece combines a flugelhorn cup with a shank that engages a trumpet receiver. This mouthpiece essentially turns your trumpet into a ‘flumpet’. Jazz players will love the soft, sweet ‘Chet Baker’ sound; classical players will look forward to post horn or cornet solos when using this mouthpiece in a Bb or C trumpet. The transformation in sound is almost miraculous; dramatically expanding the tonal possibilities of your trumpet.

CS66C or CS65C (cornet)

The CS cornet mouthpieces utilize the CS rim matched to a medium-deep cornet cup, and GR’s medium cornet backbore. It produces a mellow cornet tone, yet retains flexibility and easy response in all registers. This is an excellent mouthpiece for anyone searching for a true cornet sound coupled with ease of playing.

CS66P or CS65P (piccolo trumpet)

This model, specifically designed for piccolo trumpet, incorporates the CS rim, a cup volume similar to the MS cup, and GR’s specially-designed piccolo trumpet backbore. The CS66P or CS65P makes it easy to play sustained passages in the high register of the piccolo trumpet, yet provides a full rich tone and intonation that is a revelation!

The CS66P or CS65P are fitted with a cornet shank, for use with Schilke-style receivers. For standard trumpet receivers (Yamaha-style), adaptors are available.