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CS Mouthpieces: Comments From Players

Sixteen years ago I switched from a Stork 3C to a Monette B4S. I remained happy with the sound and feel of the Monette, but I wanted better projection and more ‘zip’ while not sacrificing a dark sound. The answer for me turned out to be the CS66M. The rim is comfortable and the sound is as dark as the Monette, but when pushed hard it brightens up, with easy flexibility in the high register. At a recent pop recording session, I was blown away with how consistent and clean the articulation was. The pitch was great too. While the CS66M is in my horn most of the time, I ordered a CS66MS for use in a big band or whenever I need extra punch. The CS models are perfectly matched, which allows a player to switch according to the playing situation. My mouthpiece safari is over!
BY (Belleville, ON)

The CS mouthpieces are so balanced–it’s amazing! The CS66M works very well with a B & S 3137s. The Olds Mendez with the CS66MS can’t be beat. With the addition of the CS66FD, I can do everything I want. These mouthpieces (and Chase Sanborn’s books) have made my playing much better.
DC (Westpoint,TN)

The CS66MS has allowed me to expand my range and endurance. (I am sure that regular practice has been a big part of that, but having the right equipment has made it a lot more fun.) The mouthpiece is well matched to my Stomvi Mambo and has brought my playing up a few levels. 
KM (North Vancover, BC)

The CS66MS requires less effort than my Bach and has really opened my sound. It slots great and sizzles in the upper register and. I would never have guessed that a mouthpiece could make such a difference.

FH (Bellevue, WA)

The CS65FL has improved my range, intonation, agility and sound. It is a great mouthpiece!!

FP (Dundas, ON)

The CS66MS responds down low as well as it does up high, and slots easily. I’m beginning to remember why I took up the trumpet!

DA (Fordingbridge, Hants, England)

I can’t believe the difference between the CS65MS and my Bach 7C. The attack is much cleaner and the sound is alive and full. I’m very impressed!

DC (Toronto, Canada)

I’ve tried the CS66MS on my Bach Strad, my LA Benge and my Schilke and they all respond similarly. The tone is bright when played loud but smooth at lower volume levels. This is a 3C with an easier upper register! I’ve used the 66FL flugel mouthpiece on a Yamaha 635, Callet Jazz and a Benge. It has mellowed out and deepened the tone, improved the slotting in the high range and improved the intonation.
DO (Newport Beach, CA)

The CS67MS brings my 6310Z horn to life!
JJ (Miami, FL)

I have finally found a perfect marriage between horn and mouthpiece: the CS65S and a Yamaha 6310Z. This combination is easy to play and produces a great sound.
JH (Eastham, MA)

The CS66 is superior to any mouthpiece I have ever used before. I immediately noticed improvements in sound quality, flexibility and dynamics, and my attacks have a lot more clarity.
OR (Victoria, TX)

The CS66MS is superb! I just love it! From the first note it felt much better than my Bach 3C with a more brilliant sound, an easier high register, a full low register and more volume with better projection. WOW!
OU (Tonsberg, Norway)

When I play the CS66MS mouthpiece I can relax and concentrate on the music.
KS (Woodstock, IL)

The CS66FL flugelhorn mouthpiece responds well, the tuning is excellent, and I like the sound very much.
LV (Maarssen, Nederland)

I have been playing on a Warburton 4M and Curry 1 1/2 C for the past several years. Those pieces have served me well, but the CS66MS has great slotting and sound, plus it is really comfortable. The more I play it, the more I like it!
ML (Hoopeston, IL)

The CS66MS produces a full dark sound in the lower register, yet responds with ease and precision in the high register.
BH (Berlin, Germany)

The CS66MS works very well with my Caliccio 1S/2. The sound is clear, defined, and rich.
JT (San Diego, CA)

The CS66MS/66M combination is unbeatable!
KR (Albany, NY)

The CS66MS makes my Schilke E3L come alive. I haven’t found anything else that works as well with it.

The CS66MS is the best overall piece that I have ever used, & I have tried almost everything out there. (I was playing on a Stork 3D for legit, and a Stork XM6 for big band work.) Great sound, slotting, power and control, with a very even feel from low to high.
JM (Danville, VT)

The sound of the CS66MS is similar to my Schilke 14B, but it plays easier. I play three different Bb trumpets: Schilke B6, Yamaha heavy wall, and a 1970 Burbank Benge. The CS66 works well with all of them!
BM (Bedford, MA)

I LOVE both mouthpieces (66MS/66FL)! Everyone that’s heard me has commented positively on the change in sound and power in the upper register. The flugelhorn mouthpiece makes my horn respond better than I ever imagined it would.
MM (Waidua, HI)

I previously played a Bach 3C and more recently a Schilke 14a4A. On the CS66MS, I particularly appreciate the smooth response while slurring, the even tone in all registers and the comfortable and secure feeling of the rim.
DW (Connellsville, PA)

I’d only been playing my new CS mouthpiece for a couple of minutes when the phone rang. I played the opening licks from an Earth, Wind and Fire medley and was offered triple the bread I was getting before! Seriously, though, I’m enjoying the mouthpieces very much. They are more lively and consistent in response throughout my range.
TA (San Francisco, CA)

The sound of the CS65MS is just amazing and it feels great to play! I love it!
TD (Hamilton, ON)

The CS65MS/65FL have really made a big difference in my range, intonation and response. They help me to focus more on the music than on the physical aspects of playing.
HM (Antibes, France)

The CS66MS mouthpiece has improved my tone and my high register is easier and more powerful than with my Bach 3C.
PC (Hoover, AL)

The CS66MS is the best mouthpiece that I have ever played. My mouthpiece safari is over, thank you!
ME (Croatia)

With the CS66MS everything comes out clearer and I don’t have to work as hard to be heard in loud passages.
RU (Portland, OR)

The instant I played my new CS65MS mouthpiece I could hear a HUGE difference. The sound is much fuller and clearer.
CL (Hong Kong)

I have never played anything like the CS66MS!
LG (Bedford, TX)

The CS66MS mouthpiece is fantastic!
RW (Moncton, NB)

I love the CS66MS! It has taken almost no time at all to get back to my usual mediocre level of playing!
RC (Kingston, ON)

The CS66MS is very versatile; it produces an extremely wide range of sounds, from lead to jazz to classical.
LS (Fresh Meadows, NY)

When I first tried the CS66MS, I played a full, clear high F! I’ve almost NEVER been able to hit that note clearly before!
GD (Toronto, ON)

With the CS ‘matched set’ of mouthpieces for my trumpet, flugel and cornet, I am experiencing for the first time a very comfortable transition from one horn to the next. I am very pleased!
CH (Lake Forest, CA

The CS66MS is capable of everything from a warm whisper to a sizzling scream. I have greater control over timbre, dynamics, range…in short, everything!
WH (Staten Island, NY)

The CS66MS truly is a thing of beauty. Even my wife noticed I was sounding better. You have a real winner here!
LS (Crofton, MD)

I’ve played for 37 years and I’ve tried a lot of mouthpieces trying to find one that has it all. I’ve finally found it with my CS65S. Solid core to the sound and a great response.
JV (Bartlett, TN)

I just bought my fourth CS mouthpiece! That’s as much as I spent on my first horn, but they are worth every penny! I use the CS66MS in my two trumpets, and the CS66FL in my flugelhorn. My newest purchase is the CS66FD ‘flumpet’ mouthpiece, which adds a nice tone to my horn. All my other mouthpieces now sit gathering dust.
RH (Blind River, ON)