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CenterPitch / Intellitouch Tuners

I have been a fan of the CenterPitch clip on tuner made by Onboard Research ever since I was shown the original prototype. CenterPitch attaches to your instrument with a soft rubber clamp. It ‘feels’ the vibrations rather than hearing the sound, responding only to the instrument it is attached to. Since the tuner is not affected by other sounds, it allows you to combine visual and aural information about intonation, training rather than replacing your ears.PT10_3

Recently I’ve been enjoying a new model from the same company, the Intellitouch PT10s. While the function is similar, there are differences that might lead you to choose one over the other.

Both CenterPitch and Intellitouch share the following attributes:

  • Accurate to better than one cent over a seven octave range. (27 Hz – 6000 Hz)
  • Transposition settings for concert, Bb, Eb, F and G instruments.
  • Calibration from A = 410 – 450
  • Auto shut off to conserve battery life.

CenterPitch uses a display based on six arrows, in combination with a red and green light. The arrows make it easy to pinpoint a pure tuned position for a note, e.g. a major third that should be played lower than equal temperament. This display corresponds to the text and illustrations in Tuning Tactics.

Intellitouch gives you a choice of a digitized strobe display or a more traditional needle display, also in combination with red and green lights. The moving strobe is easy to pick up in peripheral vision, so that one does not need to stare directly at the tuner to get feedback.

Intellitouch is smaller, and it is white instead of black, which makes it less visually distracting.

The jaws of the clip are smaller on Intellitouch. While it clamps on my trumpet bell where I prefer it just behind the bell brace, it may be too small for optimal placement on larger horns.

CenterPitch has more dedicated buttons, which are easier to use but are also easier to hit accidentally. Intellitouch uses multifunction buttons to cycle through options, not as intuitive, but in most cases the settings will not be changed often.

CenterPitch has a built in metronome; Intellitouch has a built in clock. Since the metronome cannot be used at the same time as the tuner, the clock is a more useful option, especially for those of us who must reach for our phones to check the time.

CenterPitch, like most tuners, displays pitch based on equal temperament. Intellitouch provides pure tuned options as well.


CenterPitch and Tuning Tactics are a powerful combination for improving intonation, and are designed to work together.

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