Chase Sanborn is an engaging modern jazz trumpet voice with a warm, inviting tone, fluid lyrical phrasing, and a style that always swings. He exhibits the cultivated sensibility of a player at the peak of his powers.
Music Business Tactics is an easy and enjoyable read that provides sound, practical advice. If you are an aspiring musician, or you know one, get this book! You need this information!
Chase Sanborn goes right to the heart and soul of the music. His performance was an inspiration to hundreds of festival participants, and his positive and upbeat outlook made a lasting impact on our students
Jazz Tactics presents the material in such a clear and simple way, with the vitality and spirit of a live teaching session. This method speaks to all musicians, regardless of age and previous experience.
Chase addresses the needs of developing musicians in a manner that is understandable and relevant. My students were thrilled to work with someone who understands their learning curve.
Tuning Tactics teaches you to listen. In just a short time, I've witnessed strong improvement in my students' awareness. Tuning Tactics makes good intonation attainable for all!
Chase Sanborn has a natural gift for engaging and involving an audience. He shares a wealth of honest and knowledgeable information about music and the music business.
Brass Tactics offeres authoritative instruction balanced with sage and homely advice. It shows you how to handle yourself in any professional or amateur situation. No trumpet player should be without this book!

Phil Collins Comments

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  1. Internet Post says:

    My advanced students end each lesson with a ‘red light’ sight reading exercise. They pick a page number at random, take a minute to look through the etude, then play it start to finish as if they were recording. Some of them are now discussing which ones to avoid! Trumpet 1 should be in the hands of every trumpeter!

  2. Internet Post says:

    Trumpet 1 is gorgeously laid out, and it is full of clever and inspirational quotes. I’ve been using the etudes to develop sight reading, cranking up the pressure by imagining I am in the studio recording the piece. What I miss becomes the focus for the next day’s practice.

  3. Stan Cooper (Essex, UK) says:

    To be able to play this music as the writer intended will be a challenge for me. Come to think of it, to be able to play some of the pieces at all will be a challenge. But it will be a lot of fun trying!

  4. Joe Loreti (Summit, NJ) says:

    Trumpet 1 is a gem! What a wide range of styles it contains! Very little material like this is available today. I wish I was still playing and teaching-it would be exciting to share this book with students. Thanks to Phil & Chase for making this available!

    (Note from Chase: Joe Loreti was my first trumpet teacher, and Phil Collins’ as well. As you can tell, he is as enthusiastic today as he was forty years ago!)

  5. Kim Stephens (Bloomington, IN) says:

    Trumpet 1 presents studies that are challenging but fun, interesting and musical. The commentary at the bottom is priceless. It’s like having a Yoda-like teacher, sitting off the side, interjecting: “So…what if that said Trumpet in A?” I set this book in front of unsuspecting students and say, “Ready, go!”

  6. Andrew Alcorn (Nova Scotia) says:

    With Trumpet 1, Phil Collins has addressed almost every conceivable melodic and rhythmic device a trumpet player could come across in contemporary repertoire. And they are fun to play!

  7. Steve Hendrickson (National Symphony) says:

    What a delightful book! The studies are fun to play, and the comments are wise and often hilarious!

  8. Vince DiMartino (Centre College, Danville, KY) says:

    Phil Collins is possibly the most experienced pops trumpet performer I have ever worked with. Trumpet 1 presents musical and realistic views of what needs to be done in a symphony orchestra pops concert. It gives us a chance to prepare for the unexpected. Every student should include this book in their studies. Bravo, Phil!

  9. David Baldwin (University of Minnesota) says:

    I’ve been a Phil Collins fan for a long time. I’m excited to see this new book!

  10. David Zauder (Cleveland Orchestra) says:

    This is exactly what I need to motivate me to practice at 7:00 am. Great stuff!

  11. David Hickman (Arizona State University) says:

    Phil Collins has brought etude repertoire up to date by writing in current styles. Trumpet 1 is a must-have for students!

  12. Michael Sachs (Cleveland Orchestra) says:

    Trumpet 1 is a fantastic collection of different styles. There hasn’t really been anything like this available before.

  13. Mark Ridenour (Chicago Symphony Orchestra) says:

    There is no one more qualified than Phil Collins to compile a collection of etudes addressing the requirements of the Pops trumpet player. The quotes and advice that Phil intermingles with the music are treasures! Bravo!

  14. Marie Speziale (The Shepherd School of Music, Rice University) says:

    Having sat in the Cincinnati Symphony/Pops Orchestra trumpet section with Phil Collins for more than twenty years, I can say with certainty that this book covers it all. The challenge of performing difficult pops arrangements with regularity and great conviction takes great skill and musicianship. Phil has provided ample material to help develop these skills. And he’s done it in a way that is both interesting and fun. The anecdotes and comments alone are worth the price of admission. Congratulations, Phil!

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