Chase Sanborn is an engaging modern jazz trumpet voice with a warm, inviting tone, fluid lyrical phrasing, and a style that always swings. He exhibits the cultivated sensibility of a player at the peak of his powers.
Music Business Tactics is an easy and enjoyable read that provides sound, practical advice. If you are an aspiring musician, or you know one, get this book! You need this information!
Chase Sanborn goes right to the heart and soul of the music. His performance was an inspiration to hundreds of festival participants, and his positive and upbeat outlook made a lasting impact on our students
Jazz Tactics presents the material in such a clear and simple way, with the vitality and spirit of a live teaching session. This method speaks to all musicians, regardless of age and previous experience.
Chase addresses the needs of developing musicians in a manner that is understandable and relevant. My students were thrilled to work with someone who understands their learning curve.
Tuning Tactics teaches you to listen. In just a short time, I've witnessed strong improvement in my students' awareness. Tuning Tactics makes good intonation attainable for all!
Chase Sanborn has a natural gift for engaging and involving an audience. He shares a wealth of honest and knowledgeable information about music and the music business.
Brass Tactics offeres authoritative instruction balanced with sage and homely advice. It shows you how to handle yourself in any professional or amateur situation. No trumpet player should be without this book!

Comments From Readers

Jazz Tactics

    Jazz Tactics is great, full of all the right stuff and packed with humor and honesty. Chase Sanborn has my utmost respect.
    Marvin Stamm (New York, NY)
    Jazz Tactics speaks to all musicians regardless of age and previous experience.
    George Graham (Los Angeles, CA)
    Jazz Tactics presents the material in such a clear and simple way, and adds a taste of the human soul to the process.
    Bobby Shew (Los Angeles, CA)
    On the Jazz Tactics DVD, trumpeter Chase Sanborn and his tight rhythm section provide plenty of explanatory detail and artistic playing demonstrations. The split-screen technique is used effectively so that all players can be observed while playing. This excellent disc will be very helpful for the beginning improviser or the teacher seeking to gain a better grasp of the basic concepts of jazz improvisation.

    Review: International Trumpet Guild Journal
    The Jazz Tactics DVD is insightful and well-organized. Trumpeter Chase Sanborn guides us through the various components of jazz, speaking at a level that is just right for students and teachers.
    Review: Muzik Etc
    Chase Sanborn seems to approach every project with joy and love, and it really shows with Jazz Tactics.
    Jonathan Gerald (Toronto, ON)
    Jazz Tactics is clearly written and well-organized. Chase never takes anything for granted, even common terms are defined, and his advice is practical, not theoretical. It is also a fun read!
    Frank Campos (Ithaca, NY)

Jazz Tactics is packed with clear, accurate explanations of many of the sounds we hear in jazz today. It places welcome emphasis on our attitude and perspective toward playing music.
    Matt Shulman (New York, NY)
    I am impressed by Chase Sanborn’s ability to express complex thoughts in everyday language. His books are real, human, clear, concise, and informative.
    Pete Vogelsang (Ottawa, ON)
    Jazz Tactics has the vitality and spirit of a live teaching session, and sets a new standard for how to write a clear music-teaching book.
    Yngvil Vatn Guttu (Norway)
    Jazz Tactics is packed with clear, accurate explanations of many of the sounds we hear in jazz today and places welcome emphasis on our attitude and perspective toward playing music.
    Matt Shulman (New York, NY)
    Jazz Tactics gets right to the heart of making music. Chase Sanborn’s approach is relaxed and engaging, yet brilliant in its simplicity. The concepts are easy for younger players to grasp, but there is a depth of knowledge for more experienced players.
Paul Baron (Bellingham, WA)
    Jazz Tactics is very informative and of course, entertaining, as we have come to expect from Chase Sanborn. It is a very impressive package!

    Brian Scriver (GR Technologies)
    I have never seen anything that is even nearly as good as Jazz Tactics. The explanations are clear and the playing is wonderful.
    Jim Cunningham (Butler, PA)
    Jazz Tactics has been a HUGE help in unlocking some of the basic concepts of jazz playing. Thanks for putting the cookies on the bottom shelf!
    Wes Hall (Little Rock, AK)
    Chase Sanborn’s books are inspiring and informative, and his music is filled with passion.
    Albert Benton (Broken Arrow, OK)
    Everything my teachers have been telling me for years crystallized by watching Chase Sanborn’s DVD’s. What a good investment!

    Asher Hockett (Spencer, NY)
    Jazz Tactics takes you from the very basic concepts of jazz through advanced concepts, and takes it step-by-step, providing plenty of advice in bite-size ‘nuggets’ of information. Jazz Tactics is where it’s at!
    Tim Hutson (Columbus, OH)
I’m an intermediate jazz sax player. Jazz Tactics helps me structure my practice sessions, and has increased my efficiency dramatically. There is a lot of information out there about jazz improvisation, but surprising little about the ‘essential skills’ and how to develop them in an organized fashion. Thank you for writing this book!
    Al Waldchen (La Jolla, CA)
    For anyone who has ever wondered about jazz improvisation, I have two words: JAZZ TACTICS! Chase Sanborn’s blend of expertise and good humor make improv practice an easy pill to swallow.
    Jeanne Pocius (Boston, MA)
    Jazz Tactics offers some of the best pedagogical material I’ve ever seen. Chase Sanborn presents the information in a clear, friendly, relaxed, and humorous manner, and plays with a big, beautiful sound.
    Rick Rangno (Ottawa, Canada)
    Jazz Tactics is FANTASTIC! Everything is so clear and easy to understand.
    Andy Braet (Petrolia, ON)
    The Jazz Tactics DVD is the best teaching tool I have ever seen. Even a bassoonist gets it!
    Sandi Chasson (St. Andrew’s College)
    Chase Sanborn’s instruction is refined, concise and clear, and the DVD makes good use of the technology. Jazz Tactics will open many doors of understanding, and could well become a standard component of jazz education pedagogy.
    Joe Auty (
    Jazz Tactics is well-organized, concise, humorous and full of great information. If you are a student or a teacher, you need Jazz Tactics!
John Bartman (Denver, CO)
    Jazz Tactics is JAZZTASTIC!
    Dave Andrews (Hants, England)
    In my many years as a professional bass player, I have NEVER found a book so filled with quality information and clear explanations. Simply put, Jazz Tactics is THE definitive book for learning how to play jazz.
    Peter Loudon
    My students and I appreciate the subtle humor, simple and succinct explanations, the exercises designed for specific technical requirements, and the general information on becoming a jazz musician.
    Wayne Bowden (Victoria, Australia)
    The Jazz Tactics DVD is awesome-I’ve watched it three times already! Chase Sanborn is a heck of a good teacher, providing easy-to-understand information followed by musical examples.
    Jerry Cerchia (Chanhassen, MN)
    Jazz Tactics is fantastic, especially for the elementary and middle school teacher who wants to learn more about the jazz idiom.
    Bob Clowes (Mystic, CT)
    I have always been in the dark about chords and chord notation in jazz music, but Jazz Tactics really clears up a lot of the confusion.
    Jonathan Fowler (Houston, TX)
    Jazz Tactics has shown me for the first time where to start, what to practice and how to practice.
    Leonard Brandt (South Africa)
    Chase Sanborn’s books are both entertaining and educational. I find myself referring to them often as a source of reference (and maybe for a little comic relief after a frustrating practice session).
    Chuck Hukari (Lake Forest, CA)
    I only wish I had Jazz Tactics when I was younger. The information is great and so well-presented!
    Jim Allen (Melbourne, Australia)
    Thanks to the terrific content and organization of Jazz Tactics, improvisation sure seems a lot less murky and confusing now.
    Dave Okamoto (Newport Beach, CA)
    Chase Sanborn’s books and DVD’s are utterly inspirational!
    Alan Graham (Berkshire, England)
    Jazz Tactics is great. I learn something new each time I pick it up.
    Alex Gutjahr (Hanmar, ON)
    There is so much ground covered by Jazz Tactics that it’s truly amazing. This is the most helpful tool I’ve ever had for learning to play music!
    Dave Cole (Toronto, ON)
    I am knocked out with Jazz Tactics, maybe because I dig cheeseburgers! Excellent teaching method, the best I’ve seen!
    Doc Little (Las Vegas, NV)
    Jazz Tactics is clear, logical, inspiring, funny, and VERY helpful. I’m on my way!
    Windy Dankoff (Santa Fe, NM)
    My background is almost exclusively ‘legit’, and Jazz Tactics has allowed me to pass some jazz knowledge along to my students.
    Mark Flegg (Farmington Hills, MI)
    Chase Sanborn educates in a concise, clear and often humorous manner. Anybody who is involved in music education should have Jazz Tactics.
    Garry Burns (County Meath, Ireland)
    Reading through Jazz Tactics I’ve got to say that I think Chase could teach most anything to anybody!
    Bob List (Baltimore, MD)

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