Chase Sanborn is an engaging modern jazz trumpet voice with a warm, inviting tone, fluid lyrical phrasing, and a style that always swings. He exhibits the cultivated sensibility of a player at the peak of his powers.
Music Business Tactics is an easy and enjoyable read that provides sound, practical advice. If you are an aspiring musician, or you know one, get this book! You need this information!
Chase Sanborn goes right to the heart and soul of the music. His performance was an inspiration to hundreds of festival participants, and his positive and upbeat outlook made a lasting impact on our students
Jazz Tactics presents the material in such a clear and simple way, with the vitality and spirit of a live teaching session. This method speaks to all musicians, regardless of age and previous experience.
Chase addresses the needs of developing musicians in a manner that is understandable and relevant. My students were thrilled to work with someone who understands their learning curve.
Tuning Tactics teaches you to listen. In just a short time, I've witnessed strong improvement in my students' awareness. Tuning Tactics makes good intonation attainable for all!
Chase Sanborn has a natural gift for engaging and involving an audience. He shares a wealth of honest and knowledgeable information about music and the music business.
Brass Tactics offeres authoritative instruction balanced with sage and homely advice. It shows you how to handle yourself in any professional or amateur situation. No trumpet player should be without this book!


Chase Sanborn 1Jazz Tactics Clinic
A Jazz Tactics clinic can take several forms. It could be a concert-clinic style presentation, similar to the Jazz Tactics DVD. Working with a rhythm section, Chase demonstrates and explains the principles of improvisation, and shows how each musician represents one piece of a puzzle. This session never happens the same way twice, and Chase delights in working with a new band on stage. Nothing can occur that can’t be turned into an educational opportunity!

A Jazz Tactics clinic can also take the form of a Master Class, with a couple of students on stage. Chase gives them strategies for crafting a musical and swinging jazz solo on a popular tune. A melodic approach to improvisation is stressed, learning to hear some of the key tones in the chord changes rather than getting buried under a mountain of scales. By the end of this clinic, the participants on stage and the audience members will hear the underlying harmonic structure, and will understand how it can suggest a melodic line. A live rhythm section is preferred, but play-along recordings can also be utilized.

Finally, a Jazz Tactics clinic can be a group session, where everybody gets in the act. Using a simple tune, Chase offers easy-to-follow instructions, safety-in-numbers improv strategies, and positive reinforcement that encourages even the most reluctant improvisers to give it a shot. Cacophony is a definite possibility!

Brass Tactics Clinic
Through demonstration and discussion, Chase helps brass players develop a more resonant tone, better range and flexibility, increased projection, and an overall efficient approach to playing the instrument. While this clinic is geared towards brass players, others may enjoy sitting in the audience watching the brass players have at it!

Tuning Tactics Clinic
This clinic opens eyes, ears and minds to the possibilities of good intonation. Using excerpts from the Tuning Tactics CD, Chase begins with an explanation and demonstration of the beats that result from notes that are out of tune. He then discusses and demonstrates equal temperament vs. just intonation, and explains how professional musicians co-exist with these seemingly incompatible systems of tuning. Audience and participants walk away surprised and impressed by their own ability to hear subtle variations in pitch. Once they hear it, they are motivated to strive for it.

Music Business Clinic
This clinic deals with all aspects of being a successful musician, including self-promotion and building a reputation for professionalism and integrity. When do you join the union? How do you break into a scene? How much does a jingle pay? Do you use an agent? How do you attract students? How important is a degree? How do we market our music in the digital age? These questions and more engender lively discussion. Students are hungry for this information, and they need it!

Big Band Clinic
Chase brings a trumpet player’s perspective to big band playing, showing the players how to approach the parts and listen to the other members of the band. He focuses on each section as a team, helping them to play together and blend, with an emphasis on time feel, dynamics and emotional impact. Band members become more aware of the big picture, and their role in it.

General Instrumental/Vocal Clinic
Chase offers strategies for maximizing the effectiveness of your practice time for maximum improvement. He emphasizes listening as the most important aspect of being a musician, and makes students aware of the diligence and dedication that is required, as well as the rewards that can be reaped.